Emotions (Using masks)

Mr Grump makes friends

In Emotionville none of the characters will get on the bus to storyland! Goldilocks has upset the three bears, little red riding hood keeps trying to scare her friends and Mr Grumps has pulled Rapunzel's hair! Can we help everyone make friends again in time for school? This fun and interactive workshop incorporates masks, facial expression, crazy costumes, body, songs and voice culminating in the pupils creating their very own characters and story. This workshop allows the children to develop a further understanding of how we recognise emotions, what can affect them and most importantly how we can help ourselves and others to feel better!

"A very enjoyable session - enjoyed by the adults and children. The facilitators covered lots of content using familiar children's stories, the children were really involved and moving regularly and it was an appropriate level for the young children." - Jo Bevan, Reception teacher, Queen Eleanor Primary Academy, Northampton.


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