How big can the classes be?

Because the workshops are interactive we prefer to work with groups of around 30 students. Because KS1 are more facilitator led we can have a slightly larger number for some KS1 workshops. However as KS2 students work more independently in groups it’s best to keep these classes at around 30 students.

How many workshops can I have in a day?

As many as you would like. Our quote covers an average school day 9am till 3pm or 9:30am till 3:30pm, if you would like a longer day please let us know. We recommend a minimum time of 45 minutes to an hour for each workshop and our facilitators require a break for lunch. There is a space for timings for the day on the booking form.

Do you do offer other workshops or bespoke workshops?

We have a large number of workshops, these can be found on the workshop page. However if you would like a specific topic to be covered please do let us know and we are happy to create a bespoke workshop for your school.

What age ranges do you teach?

We teach Nursery through to Sixth form.

I have booked a workshop, what will happen on the day?

On the day of your workshop your facilitators will arrive half an hour before the first workshop starts to sign in and set up. If you have parking available on site we would appreciate if you could reserve a space for our facilitators as they may have props to carry. The facilitators will also bring their DBS and ID, if you require any further policies from us please let us know, our policies can also be found here.

I have booked a show, what will happen on the day?

On the day the actors/facilitators will arrive around an hour before the show is due to start to set up for the show and sign in and will need around half an hour to clear up after the show has finished. Please note the facilitators will be bringing set, costumes and props so access to a car parking space close to the school is required. The facilitators will also bring their DBS and ID, if you require any further policies from us please let us know, our policies can also be found here.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

Yes please find our cancellation policy below.

Once the booking has been made a booking form will be sent out to the email address provided by the school. Once we receive this form back the booking is then confirmed as stated in the email. If you would like to change your booking date Divergent Drama will always try to accommodate a new date however in the event that the school cancels within 14 days of the agreed workshop/show date, the school will be liable to pay 50% of the full invoice. In the event that the school cancels within 7 days of the agreed workshop/show date, the school will be liable to pay the full invoice amount. 

If Divergent Drama arrives at the school and the school is closed/space is not available and Divergent Drama has not been informed, the School will be liable for the full invoice amount. This does not affect your statuary rights. 

In extreme weather conditions/an emergency has occurred in which the school is closed, inaccessible or the journey made dangerous by bad conditions, it may be necessary to reschedule a booking. Divergent Drama will keep the school informed of any problems with the journey. In extreme weather conditions the school must make Divergent Drama aware 24 hours before the school will close, or the school will be liable for 50% of the invoice amount. If the school is closed for whatever reason and Divergent Drama is not notified of the closure, so the booking can be rescheduled, the school will be liable for 100% of the full invoice amount.

How do we pay?

Your facilitators will bring an invoice with them on the day. Payment is required within 30 days of receipt of this invoice. If you would like an invoice sent to your prior to the workshop/performance date please let us know.

Do the facilitators need anything from us?

Facilitators bring their own music/props/costume/set depending on the workshop/performance. All we need is a large space (school hall or lunch hall). A cup of tea is also always very welcome!

We would like our students to do a performance at the end of the workshop, how does this usually work?

On your booking form please let us know what time you have invited parents/friends to come and see the performance. Depending on the number of classes involved in the performance we usually spend the first half of the day focusing on the workshop material and exercises and then rehearse scenes in the second half of the day. We provide props for the children but cannot provide costumes for all children, because of this some schools like their students to come dressed up for the day - this is entirely up to your school.

We would recommend a maximum of three classes for a days performance workshop.

Do you offer package deals if we book more than one workshop or show with you?

Yes we do! Please see deals on our website. Please note there may be a travel charge added to these prices depending on your location.

Can family and friends come to see the show?

If you would like your students to create a show during our workshops then family and friends can come and watch at the end of the day. However, if you are booking a professional TIE show with us from our shows page then these must remain private and are only open to staff and students.

What is the difference between your shows and your workshops?

We have lots of different options to offer schools!

If you choose to have a show with us then our professional actors will come with a set, costumes and props and perform for up to 300 children at a time.

If you choose to have a workshop then this is the time for the children to become the actors and consolidate and experience their learning through drama. KS1 workshops are facilitator lead with story based drama exercises designed to encourage imagination. KS2 classes are encouraged to work more independently producing and performing scenes to bring their learning to life.

You can of course have a show and then a follow up workshop/s.

How much do the shows and workshops cost?


Half a days workshop: From £260

A full days workshop: From £360


1 performance: From £340 

2 performances (in a morning or afternoon): £450 

Add an hours workshop after your performance for only £70! Select from our workshops here and have your students become the actors! 

The price of a half a days workshop or morning session is calculated based on the average hours of a school day i.e 9:00 - 12:00/9:30 - 12:30 or 12:00 - 15:00/12:30 - 15:30. The price of a full days workshop is calculated based on the average hours of a school day 9:00 - 15:00/9:30 - 15:30. Please note there may be a travel charge added to the above prices.