Creating Your Own Story

Story Makers and Tellers

Storytelling is an intrinsic part of society and has been since time began. Children have the wildest imaginations and we will be harnessing their ideas to create our very own story. In this story time adventure the  pupils enter their own world, create the scenery and sounds of their setting, develop their own characters, learn the structure of a story, develop a plot and even construct their own narration. Join us on this Story time adventure!

"The workshop was very engaging and the children learnt about the elements of a fairytale. The directors were amazing! They knew exactly what to do/say regardless of the children's comments/responses. We like the active elements - children engaged and participated from start to finish. In the future I would definitely book again. Super day, thank you!" - Amy Debnam, Abel Smith Primary School, Hertford.


Key Stage 1

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