Where did the Dinosaurs go?

Take your students back to the jurassic period and meet Dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes! Learn about Fossils and ponder the age old question - where did the Dinosaurs go? In this workshop KS1 students will be led by a friendly Dinosaur facilitator, meeting his friends along the way, stopping to see what they ate and how they lived. KS2 students will uncover fossils and Dinosaur remains and create scenes to explore the several theories about how they became extinct. Join us in this fun and informative workshop!  

"It was the perfect introduction to our new topic, they have all learnt a new fact (at least!) All resources, props and equipment was set up prior. Good dinosaur k + u and very enthusiastic! We liked acting out the plays and making our own Dinosaurs the most, the children were engaged through out. Fantastic morning! Kids came back all excited and ready to tell the others about it!" - Natalie Hough, Pebble Brook Primary School, Crewe.


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