Remember Remember the 5th of November

Guy Fawkes and his cronies

The gun powder plot remains one of the most famous events in British history. We light fires and set of fireworks every year to remember when Fawkes attempt to blow up the Houses of Parliament was foiled, but what really happened in 1605? Why did Guy Fawkes want to destroy parliament and King James 1st and how was he caught? During this workshop the pupils will become part of Fawkes’ team in the weeks leading up to the 5th of November, listening in on secret meetings and discovering what really happened on the night we never forget and the days that followed! 

"Very relevant and developed the children's knowledge further. Facilitators were very knowledgeable and great actresses with good behaviour management. I would book another Divergent Drama workshop!" - Year Two Teacher, Downside Primary School, Luton


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