Roald Dahl

Exploring the great stories of Dahl

Roald Dahl is a national treasure who has enchanted and enriched the minds of children (and adults alike) for decades. Join us as we explore some of his most loved books, grusome characters and strangest words! In this workshop students will recreate some of Dahl's most famous books: climbing into the giant peach, cooking up some marvellous medicine, joining together to scare us with their huge Bloodbottler giants and grisly witches, searching for the enormous crocodile and much much more. They will learn the Gobblefunk language, make up their own Roald Dahl character inspired names and also create their own Roald Dahl stories, following his principles to enthral their audience!

"There was a really good coverage of Roald Dahl stories and children came out with a wider knowledge. Both directors were brilliant!! We really enjoyed the workshop, in the children's words "The best thing this term!" Thank you!" - Seema Varsarni, Vaughan Primary School, Harrow.

"My favourite part of the day was when we made up our own story because everything was our ideas and I felt like Roald Dahl!" - Year 5 Student, Griffin Park Primary School, Blackburn.


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