Story Time - Goldilocks and the Three Bears

“This one is juuuuuust right”

Come and join us as we enter the world of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. During this fun filled workshop your students will watch an interactive puppet show before taking part in the story themselves! They will eat porridge with the Bears, go on a Bear walk with them to a pop up forrest, meet a real life Goldilocks and question her actions! They will use their imaginations to explore the different emotions in the story and get to write their own new ending to cheer up the bears before swimming back from story land through a sea of bubbles! Other stories are available on request.   

“The bears workshop was relevant and kept the children interacted through fantastic singing and dancing activities. The children were excited and loved the workshops. I really liked the children had a go at being the characters. Overall a fantastic workshop, lovely directors, very friendly and engaged with the children!” - Miss Ullah from Sedgley Park Primary School.


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