The Mighty Titanic

Why did she sink?

Named because of her gigantic stature, she was heralded as the most luxurious ship of her time and deemed unsinkable by her makers and captain - so how did this travesty occur? During this workshop the children will learn how she was built, facts about her crew and passengers, experience how life was on deck for the different classes and explore what happened in the early hours of that fateful morning on the 15th April 1912.  


"Just to say a big thank you.  The Titanic drama workshop you did with us was a big hit with both the children and the teachers.  We all had a really good time whilst learning the history of the Titanic." - Debbie Hanna, Chippenham.

"All of the children learned something new, the workshop flowed and the children loved the facilitators. Thank you so much for this afternoon, it was great and the kids loved it." - Mr Jones, Hullavington School, Chippenham.


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